Empowering successful creative professionals to separate the work that comes from your soul, from the work necessary to scale so that you can sustain a happy and secure life while doing what lights you up.

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The Secret to Scaling Your Service Business

Sometimes it feels like all the online marketing gurus keep pushing you to do is…

But you just want to help your 1:1 clients get the incredible results you’re already known for.

Of course, there’s a lot to be said about having multiple revenue streams, and there are plenty of benefits to having multiple points of entry to working with you.

However, it’s not the ONLY way to scale your business.

You can extend your existing 1:1 services by creating repeatable processes that streamline your business into a powerful system.

Once you’ve charted out the steps it takes to help your clients succeed, it gets easier to see where you can save time and improve their experience with automation.

When you turn a solid client journey into a central hub that acts as the beating heart of your business, it allows you to provide a more premium, high-touch client experience so that you can boost your client success rate and confidently raise your rates.

Happy, successful clients spread the word, saving you even more time as you scale your 1:1 services.

Map Your Client Journey

Map out every star on your constellation of customer service so that you can anticipate and exceed your client’s expectations.

Elevate Your Client Experience

Craft your client journey into a premium experience for clients that makes them want to share you with their network.

Organize Your Zone of Genius

Turn your zone of genius into a book of procedures so that you create a measured, repeatable success time after time.

Elevated Systems

Done For You

A 5-month DFY program for creative pros who want to scale without sacrificing their time through automation and systems that create a premium client experience.

Perfect for creative service providers like designers, copywriters, photographers, and artists.


Client Journey Mapping

First, we’ll map out the entire process of working with your clients by taking the time to document each step they SHOULD take from lead generation to offboarding so that you can confidently predict the experience you’re providing them.

The result: You’ll have a documented customer journey map from lead generation to offboarding.


Central Website Hub

Next, I’ll design a mockup of your cornerstone page, which will guide the overall design of your website and integrated systems.

The cornerstone mockup will guide the overall design of your systems so that we can confidently proceed to the development phase knowing that your new website system will perfectly represent every part of your business.

Then I’ll create a new central website hub using WordPress and integrate your existing tech with the new system.

The result: Your client journey will be represented every step of the way in an automated central website hub that dazzles.


Quality Assurance & Testing

Before we launch, we’ll rigorously test and check every step of the client journey map on multiple devices to make sure everything is in flawless working order.

Our Triple Check Policy ensures we catch bugs before your users do.

The result: You get the peace of mind of knowing every single step has been checked, double, and triple-checked for accuracy and optimal user experience.


System Launch

Finally, we’ll launch your new system and show you how to monitor the metrics that matter to your business so that you can easily measure success with your new system.

The result: Your new system works effortlessly to keep your current and future clients happy and supported.

Hey, I’m Natasha Cozad

Systems Strategist for Creative Professionals

I help successful creative professionals separate the work that comes from your soul, from the work necessary to grow so that you can sustain a happy and secure life while doing what lights you up.

I know what it means to desperately need more time outside of your business and I also know what it feels like to want to keep serving clients at a higher capacity without having to create a complicated curriculum.

The good news is you don’t have to give up on working with your dream clients. It IS possible to scale your business even if you don’t want to be an expert influencer with a pretty funnel and a complicated value ladder.

I’m a 30-something, post-menopausal mom to a teenager and a toddler with a mile-wide entrepreneurial streak and I’m on a mission to help other busy creatives successfully scale their business.

A few things you can count on when you level up the systems that power your business...

You’ve already done the impossible… you started a business for your craft and then refused to let it be anything but a success.

You’re a creator who can pull mountains out of thin air.

You can’t stop, won’t stop, and wouldn’t be employable even if you wanted to. But that doesn’t even matter because you already did what they said you couldn’t and turned your craft into a successful business.

Now you’re ready to keep growing and scale to the next level…

Since 2008, I’ve helped businesses stand out with eye-catching brands and solid systems that last.

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