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August 29, 2021
Updated: August 29, 2021

5 simple ways to keep WordPress safer & more secure

Here are five super simple ways to keep your website safer.

№1 – Better usernames.

Don’t use ‘admin’ or your own name for a username. You can add another layer of security to your WordPress website by creating a private account with an unrelated username that you use for administering your website. Then create an editor level account that you publish all public-facing posts to. This makes it harder to guess the admin username and harder to break into your site.

№2 – Stronger passwords.

Use strong passwords with multiple character types. You can use spaces and punctuation to add more security to your passwords. Take your password security to another level with a password manager like LastPass to create unique, hard to crack passwords for everything.

№3 – Protect against brute-force attacks.

Use a plugin like WordFence, or a service like Cloudflare for extra protection against bots and brute-force attacks.

№4 – Keep WordPress Updated.

This might be the most important tip. Turn on auto-updates for core WordPress updates, and then go through your plugin list to allow auto-updates for all non-critical plugins. You can save updates to ecommerce and pagebuilder plugins for a staging site, but make sure you stay on top of those updates too.

№5 – Integrate two-factor authentication.

Use oAuth or a plugin like WP 2FA to protect against stolen passwords.


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