An update

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This is a personal story and one that I have a hard time sharing. If this is too much TMI, I won’t even be mad if you leave and never return.

Personal story ahoy!

A few years ago, I stopped development on a theme called Whimsy Framework (that might even be how you know me). Earlier that year, I lost two lifelong friends to cancer within days of each other, and a few months later I was hospitalized for emergency surgery to remove stage IV endometriosis.

Broken heart emoji

The broken heart emoji was top on my list of most often used emojis the entire year. It was often the only thing I could say to anyone. 

Something had to give, and that something was the business and project that I had worked so hard to create and maintain. My mental and physical health demanded my full attention for a while.

When I finally found my footing and had a new game plan… I found out I was having another child.

An impossible surprise, and so again, my business plans were thrown off track.

Welcome to the family, Jack!

What the heck does this have to do with Elementor?

It was a bit of an accident that I stumbled on Elementor. When I began making websites in the early internet days, page builders were a gross mess.

But Elementor was a cleanly developed plugin that claimed to be user AND developer-friendly. Meaning it was fast, easy to customize, and didn’t leave a footprint of shortcodes behind if you ever decided to stop using it.

And it delivered. The first time I used Elementor, it reawakened my love for making websites. It made things simple, and quick, and FUN again.

I’ve spent the past two years working exclusively with Elementor for my clients and I found the need for a plain, barebones theme that I could set the global colors and fonts and let the Theme Builder handle the rest of the design. It’s my site blueprint or Sapphire. ✨

It’s a simple theme with basic customizer controls, and it comes with a starter kit for the Theme Builder if you use Elementor’s premium version. I’m also giving away a copy of my mini-course, Website Noob, if you need help getting started. 

Sapphire is on sale for $19, and today is the last day before the price goes up, so grab it now and celebrate this major milestone with me

Coincidentally, Elementor Pro is on sale this weekend, too. It’s their birthday!

Celebration abounds! And sometimes if we’re lucky, it balances the sorrow.