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Scale your creative business with 7 proven systems & strategies that help you bottle the muse.

Free Client Journey Toolkit

Client Journey Toolkit

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Client Journey Toolkit
for Creatives

Client Journey Strategy Guide
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Signature Service Project Template for Notion
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Touchpoint Database for Notion
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New Client Welcome Pack
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Natasha Cozad

Hey there! I’m Natasha

With over 20 years of experience as a brand and web designer, I've discovered that a scalable creative business relies on providing your clients a premium experience. I put together this toolkit to give you a few actionable strategies you can implement right away.

Practical & Easy to follow

This toolkit is brand new but here's what folks have had to say about my other stuff.

Bottle the muse and scale your creative business...

If you’re a creative who loves what you do but you’re overdelivering, undercharging, and struggling with imposter syndrome it’s time to embody your expertise and expand your business.

Disclaimer: This free toolkit will provide you with actionable steps to start or grow a successful creative business. Please note that results are not guaranteed or typical, as a significant amount of hard work is required. At the end of the guide, there may be an opportunity to purchase a program.

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