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It’s 10:30 am on the day after the 2020 Presidential Election and we still don’t know if Biden is going to win. It’s looking good (and over the course of writing this post it’s looking better and better), but it wasn’t the blue wave we needed.

As Americans, we needed to prove to ourselves and the world that most of us were decent, compassionate humans.

We needed to hand white supremacy and nationalism a thorough electoral rebuke.

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We did not.

Instead, in record numbers, we turned out the vote to prove that somewhere around half of us are happy to re-elect a racist rapist to the highest seat of our government.

I’m in rural Missouri, and I’m a microscopic blue dot in an ocean of deepest red. To leave town, I drive by a house with the confederate flag proudly displayed across a bay window. It’s been there for years.

I know people around here lean into white supremacy. Not all, but a lot.

But I wanted to believe that most white people in America were just lazy and didn’t vote in 2016, or didn’t want to elect a woman, or a Clinton, or *insert excuse here*, and after four years of this disgusting administration making a mockery of our democracy, they would be outraged enough to vote overwhelming blue.

A crushing defeat of fascism, science-denial, and a smackdown of the appointment of Justice Serena Joy.

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It was not.

Even though Trump looks to be a one-term president, there are still so many people who voted for him. And I don’t know how to cope with that.

At the start of the year, I registered a new business. I made plans to build an agency in Macon, Mo. I had always found clients outside of my local area, but I wanted to work with more people in town.

Two things ended those plans.

  1. Spending a global pandemic surrounded by a majority of people who had allowed themselves to be manipulated into believing that wearing a mask was a violation of their rights…
  2. And that most of those same people think the destruction of white property is worse than the destruction of Black lives.

All I know right now, is if you voted for Trump, I don’t want to work with you.

I don’t want you to visit my website or my social media, I don’t want you on my email list, and I certainly don’t want to accidentally or directly help you with your website.

The way forward

  • I want to help people who fight for the rights of BIPOC, women, and the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • I want to use my knowledge and experience in websites and marketing to support good causes and good people.
  • I want to help uplift marginalized voices.

I want things to change and I’m tired of being sad, scared, and embarrassed.

Today I’m just tired and angry.

And tired, angry people change the world.

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