Small Town Creative Co.


In January 2020, I founded a new business. But not just another front for my solo efforts. It was created to be a full-service marketing agency. What I couldn’t do myself, I would contract out and eventually hire a team.

Small Town Creative Co. was founded to serve my local community. I designed a small packet to advertise my services, and planned to drop them off around town. I was also going to run a local ads campaign and blanket the area with news of the launch.

But as we all know, the words local and community were about to be forbidden for the greater good. So I set the idea aside and kept moving forward on the systems side of things.

In 2022, I revamped it’s purpose and launched it as an Etsy shop that houses all of my creations.

Before I made that decision, I spent a lot of time designing brand collateral to back up the marketing strategy.

Color Palette

I chose a vintage color scheme and included bright pops of yellow and purple. Since this was a local venture, I planned to run ads in the paper. There are several local schools with colors ranging from orange, to blue, and purple so I wanted something that would feel at home alongside any of those colors.

Illustration & Texture

My small town, like most, tends to be resistant to change so I heavily leaned into weathered textures and vintage line art.

Logo Design

The logo suite incorporated vintage artwork and textures, and a warm serif font for the title mixed with a bold uppercase sans-serif for subtitles.

Illustration & Texture


Web Design

Tech Stack

Client Dashboard

This was one of my first custom client dashboards.

I had modified some dashboards for WooCommerce before, but for this, I designed everything based on the process I take my clients through when rebranding and organizing systems.

It was the basis for what is now a cornerstone feature that all of my clients get when we work together now.

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