Brutal Uterus


I created a podcast and blog called Brutal Uterus to help people survive life with a uterus.

In 2020, I underwent a total hysterectomy in an effort to cure my debilitating endometriosis.

This podcast is a way for me to share what it’s been like to live without a uterus and give others who are walking the same path a place to commiserate.

Brand Design

The spark for this podcast actually came from a line I wrote in my journal. It was a note I don’t remember making, that I stumbled upon months later and at that moment – I saw it. The prickly, broken uterus with flowery growths. That juxtaposition of beauty and decay became the driving imagery of the brand identity.

In less than 72 hours I had designed the entire identity. 

Color Palette

I chose a vibrant, uplifting color palette to illicit feelings of hope as well as strength and boldness. 

Logo Design

As I mentioned before, the driving force was that initial vision of the brutal uterus itself. 

I wanted to balance the delicacy of the subject matter with the strength required to endure and survive life with (and after) a uterus.

I chose a bold but quirky typeface for the logo and created variations for different screens. 

Lastly, I split the logo with a short line to represent the many incisions uterine sufferers are subjected to over the years of surgical treatments.

Icon Design

For the icon, I used the same incision and added one of the flowery growths from the brutal uterus.

Pattern Design

Web Design

Tech Stack

Brutal Uterus - Desk Mockup