Offer Builder for Notion

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Transform your design business with strategic offer mapping

Take control of your offers, captivate your clients, and scale your design business.

Meet the… Offer Builder for Notion: Simplify, Structure, and Sell Your Services

This comprehensive template empowers you to create a powerhouse of irresistible offerings that will leave your dream clients eagerly anticipating what you have in store.

Streamline your offer creation process, elevate your services, and establish a flywheel that helps you meet your audience where they are.

Offer Builder for Notion

Who it's for

Brand and web designers who want to scale their business without sacrificing their time.

Offer Builder for Notion: Simplify, Structure, and Sell Your Services


Step 1: Craft Your Signature Service

Unleash the power of your expertise and elevate your brand with the Offer Builder template.

Easily design and structure your signature service, positioning yourself as a trusted expert. A well-defined, streamlined service that sets you apart will leave a lasting impression on your clients and make you a referral magnet.

Step 2: Enhance with a Complementary Course

Take your client experience to new heights with a complementary course that perfectly aligns with your signature service.

The Offer Builder template for Notion helps you to seamlessly create and integrate a self-study course, expanding your reach and serving clients who may not be a perfect fit for your one-on-one services.

Offer valuable insights and guidance while boosting your revenue streams.

Step 3: Expand Your Offer Catalog

Diversify your offerings and cater to a broader audience with the Offer Builder Toolkit.

Craft a well-rounded catalog of offers that attract more people into your world. With Notion’s versatile platform, you can easily create and customize different pricing and access levels, providing options that meet the unique needs of your clients.

Step 4: Unlock the Value Stacker Advantage

Optimize each offer with the powerful Value Stacker feature of the Offer Builder Toolkit.

Seamlessly select and customize features from a comprehensive list, ensuring that each offer has the necessary elements for success. Fine-tune your offers to provide exceptional value to your clients.

Experience the magic of strategic offer mapping and take your business to new heights with efficiency and organization.

Lifetime Updates

With lifetime access to this template, you'll have the power to elevate your projects whenever inspiration strikes.
Offer Builder for Notion Features

Offer Builder for Notion


Offer Builder
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Signature Service Planner
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Value Stacker
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The Value Stacker Feature Guide
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