Strategically relaunch your brand with a



It’s time to step up your business game.

The logo you got off fiverr and the website that took you a year to piece together just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Your business needs a brand presence that inspires your audience to work with you… and helps bring in the $$.

Hand these tasks to someone who knows them as well as you know your stuff.

You do what you do better than anyone, and now it’s time to stop doing something you don’t like, and maybe aren’t even very good at. It’s time to work with a pro.

A grand experience

for your business









Building a business is hard work, and there are so many things to consider… your logo + brand styling, a website that converts visitors into customers and clients, keeping up with social media, blogging, landing pages, sales pages, funnels… where should you start when you decide to rebrand?

With a well-formed strategy.

When you know where you’re heading, the rest of the ride is a breeze which is why you need an overall plan for how everything will work together. 

Once we nail the strategy down, you’ll be ready to decide on an aesthetic that appeals to your target audience so that everything from your logo to your website, and your marketing materials all work in harmony.

When we work together, we’ll develop your ideas into a brand and website that reflects your goals, along with a full marketing suite to promote your business and get traffic to your website.


Base Investment


Package Upgrades
Shop + $2k
LMS + $2k

The benefits of a professionally planned, designed, and developed brand and website are clear.

How much money are you leaving on the table without it?

Does your business need a stratospheric relaunch?


“Natasha is an extremely skilled web developer and designer with a professional, positive attitude and excellent style of work.

She hit every deadline and worked full time on my websites while being pregnant and even soon after having her baby! It has been more than a year since our first project, and I couldn’t have asked for better talent than her. I would highly recommend Natasha, but just ask that you don't take up all of her time so she can keep helping me with future projects. 😉

How will a cohesive brand presence help your business?

  1. Establishes your authority and builds trust with your audience.
  2. Inspires confidence in what you offer and how you present it.
  3. Turns your paid and organic traffic into effortless conversions and sales.

Does your business need a Grand Rebrand?

Does any of this sound familiar? If you’ve ever:

  • DIY’ed your logo or bought one on fiverr…
  • Patched together something resembling a website…
  • Spent hours trying to figure out why that CSS snippet didn’t work…
  • Changed your fonts and colors every time you try to design an ad creative or social sharer….
  • Have spun your wheels on producing content that didn’t work for you…

If you relate to even just a few of these then your business will benefit from a strategy-based rebranding.

When you book a Grand Rebrand you can look forward to:

a cohesive brand that attracts your ideal clients,
knowing what tech to choose & how to use it & 20 years of experience holding your hand through it all.

What could you do with access to decades of experience?

Natasha Cozad is a web designer & developer with 20 years of experience creating cohesive brands and websites. She lives in the midwest with her viking husband, sweet & surly teen, adorable wee babe, and litlle warrior-wannabe doggo.

She built her first website in 1998 when she was 13 years old and transitioned those years of learning and practice into a career that has allowed her to constantly learn, grow, and help other people find their path as entrepreneurs.

Natasha Cozad

What you’ll have after a Grand Rebrand

Your choice of 3 logo concepts.

Brand board featuring your new logo, watermark, color palette, typography & pattern.

Responsive web design optimized all modern devices.

A 3-step funnel with landing page, tripwire & sales page.

Email funnel automation, social sharers & 90-day post-launch content plan.

Have questions about the Grand Rebrand package?

Typically payments are spread out over the course of the project. The first payment of 30% is due at booking, 30% is due when website development begins, and the remaining 40% is due before project launch.

You can also pay in full for a 5% discount on your project total.

My love for design began in 1997 when I was 13. As I transitioned from high school hobbyist to professional, I continued my education in branding and identity design. I have extensive experience in crafting logos & identity materials, as well as how to design and code fast and secure modern websites.

The Grand Rebrand is 20+ years of knowledge and experience in one all-inclusive package.

Yes, the content package begins at $1.3k for writing your home, about, tripwire, and sales pages. It also includes copy for your ad set and and basic SEO such as page descriptions.

After we launch your new identity & website the project will wrap up with a 90-day plan to promote your rebranded business. You’ll receive plug and play copy and images to schedule to your social media accounts.

If you’d like to continue working together, I have two monthly packages that you can subscribe to.

Subscription options

  • Sword & Shield ($99/mo)
    • Hosting
    • Security monitoring
    • Daily backups
  • Bardic Arts ($179/mo)
    • Sword & Shield included.
    • Weekly social posts with shareable images in square, rectangle, and tall pin formats.

Probably not. But if you find yourself losing leads and customers to competitors then you might have a trust and authority problem. A professionally designed brand & website will help.

It’s not a magical fix however, but a solid marketing strategy can get you on the right path.

I prefer to work with established businesses but I make exceptions if you have at least 1 product or service tested and ready to go and a solid idea of who your audience will be.

I’ll use WordPress to build your site. It’s easy for you to use on your own when the design process is finished, and I’ll help you learn how to maintain it.

Let's get started