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Hey there!

I’m gonna dive right into the point: I’ve made some major decisions about how I want to serve my audience (YOU).

I’ve known I wanted to educate, but I’ve had a hard time narrowing down what topics to focus on. Websites are the obvious topic for me, so I’m starting with two website courses.

Website Nooba free mini-course to help you buy your domain and suitable hosting…

… and Weekend WP, an easy peasy 3-day guide to crafting a professional website from scratch. (Be on the lookout for a beta invitation to this in a few weeks!)

But I also want to dive deeper into things like branding, content creating, list building, and ecommerce shops.

After that it’s only natural to progress into even more advanced topics like how to setup a local development environment (and keeping track of changes using Github versioning), and how to use a staging environment to safely test site updates.

That’s a lot of course plans! Add in all the templates and assets I’ve already created and have planned and it’s obvious what needs to happen… The Fanciful Academy is coming soon! It will house all the individual courses as well as a Guild membership that will unlock the entire path to success for a monthly, yearly, or lifetime fee.

After everything is launched, if you’ve followed the path along with me you’ll be ready to…

Start offering branding and website services professionally…

OR you can confidently raise your rates if you’re already a design pro,

OR you’ll have the skills you need to DIY your own brand and website, AND maintain it like a pro

I’m so excited to finally share my twenty years of website experience with you! Is this something you might be interested in? If so, stick around for what comes next. 

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Natasha Cozad
Natasha Cozad
Hey there! I'm Natasha Cozad. I have 20 Years of experience in branding + web design. I started my first website in 1998 when I was 13 years old. I transitioned those years of learning and practice into a career that has allowed me to constantly learn, grow, and help other people find their path as entrepreneurs.

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