December 28, 2022
(updated April 17, 2024)

2022 Review

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This year has been weird.

Lots of change. Lots of healing.

I took some time off and had a nice mental break. Figuratively and literally. It wasn’t pretty.

I was spinning my wheels on work I didn’t feel connected to and I did something dumb. I quoted a project for a third of what I needed for it… and then I accepted less than half of it because I needed the cash.

No surprise, my work wasn’t valued, and since I had bent over backward for 100% out-of-scope work TWICE, I just couldn’t bring myself to continue. I had lost thousands in revenue on that one job just because I wasn’t in a position to enforce boundaries around my pricing.

So I fired the client and then I fired myself. And I took a damn break.

A few things happened…

That last one took me to a dark place, and it took a while to crawl out of the hole that my mind likes to dig for me sometimes.

But then, something shifted and I was finally able to reconnect with the heart of my work.

I built my first website when I was 13 because I was the kid who liked to take things apart, figure out how they worked, and then put them back together again. Viewing my first source code was like that, but instead of a single way to put it back together, the options were limitless.

I had lost that love for building.

The need to keep the lights on and food in the house had trampled over any love I had for my work. And then Nick found himself a whole-ass career. Suddenly, I could operate from a place of security and abundance rather than anxiety and scarcity.

This clarity helped me see 3 things:

  1. I love building simple systems specifically for creative pros that elevate the level of experience they offer their 1:1 service clients.
  2. I love helping people organize their businesses so they can spend more time away from their desks without obsessing over what’s happening in their business.
  3. I am damn good at what I do.

Once I found that clarity, everything started flowing again.

So I revamped my signature offer to focus even more on elevating your systems by crafting a memorable client experience that turns your people into raving fans who can’t wait to share your services.

And after the holidays, I’m doing a free workshop that will help you learn how to map out your client journey (and at the end of the training I’ll work with you to make the most of it).

Here’s to a better 2023.

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